Hi everyone!
2012-06-25, 06:14, (Üzenet szerkesztésének időpontja: 2012-06-25, 06:17 - {2}. Szerkesztette: minefieldrodeo.)
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Hi everyone!
Hi everyone. We are a newly formed electronic, dnb, dubstep band, and we'd like to show you our first single: Your Story. Here's a song from it:


You can find the whole single on our youtube channel.

- What do you think?
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2012-06-25, 20:21, (Üzenet szerkesztésének időpontja: 2012-06-25, 20:24 - {2}. Szerkesztette: nidus77.)
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RE: Hi everyone!

This song gives me an interesting feeling, but the bass line annoyed me a bit at the end, because it was a bit monotonic for me. I like the piano line very much.
The song is almost relaxing, but a bit noisy to be (for me).
On the whole: I like it, I enjoyed. Sleepy

Bye: Krisz

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2012-06-26, 11:26,
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RE: Hi everyone!
Hey there, nice to see that not only Hungarian people use this forum, i.e. it becomes worldwide Big Grin As for your track, it's nice overall, the slow tempo and the agressive bass reminds me of an EDM style, called 'lento violento', mixed with some elements of non-electric styles, these make your music more diverse and individual Smile Maybe the sounding is not the most perfect, but hey, it will become better and better a while, just keep practising Wink

Only thing I ask you to post your music here in the future:


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